What We Do

Kappae Software Conslultant Ltd was established in 2012 . The company is continuing the development of all software that MPA BUSINESS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS LTD was doing before. Its purpose of establishment is the development, promotion and support of specialized software for specific market segments. The company’s products are characterized by professional design, high standards, high quality and reliability. Our philosophy is that to be good is not enough. We have to be the best !

Since its establishment, the company has expanded in size, customers and variety of products. Our main customer areas today are general and specialized retail shops, pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, dentists, orthodontists and general doctors.

Due its heavy involvement and experience in the pharmaceutical area in Cyprus for the past 17 years, the company is in a position today to offer consultancy to pharmacy franchises, pharmacies and pharmacy suppliers. We furthermore undertake the development of custom software, on a contract basis..