kappa pharmacy!


Kappa Pharmacy is the first software for pharmacies written for Windows. Written by expert programmers in close co-operation with experienced pharmacists, Pharmacy Pro! is the number one software in its area of expertise. Its main characteristic is its ease of use and its fast learning curve, even for people that never used a computer before.



- Works under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)
- Execute common tasks with the click of a button
- Easy to learn and use
- Easy access to all tasks using the keyboard or mouse
- Easy and fast retrieval of products, suppliers, invoices, prescriptions, sales, etc.
- Reports for all data existing in the software
- Optional use of a supervisor password to certain key functions of the software so that an employee can use it in the absence of the owner
- MDI interface supported for the execution of more than one tasks in parallel
- Service of many customers simultaneously by opening an unlimited number of cash sales screens


- Maintenance of suppliers, supplier transactions and their balances
- Detailed supplier invoices
- Supplier activity reports and statistics for a any period given
- Average cost kept for each product for an accurate calculation of a given product's profit


- Automatic preparation of orders based on the minimum stock of each product or the sales of products for a given period
- Possibility to manually prepare an order, or modify one that was automatically produced by the system
- Possibility to fax an order directly from the application using a fax modem
- Automatic transfer of an order to an invoice and updating of the stock


- Full database of products and their suppliers
- Product database contains full description, form, pack size, cost, retail and profit margin, V.A.T. Code, minimum stock, average cost price, and product composition (up to 6 substances)
- Possibility to locate products containing one or more substances
- Possibility to transfer the products of a given supplier or company to another one
- Average cost price is maintained with purchases and sales so that the most accurate profit margin can be calculated for each product
- Support for dosage, indications, contra indications, side effects, etc.


- Automatic updating of the stock by selling, purchasing and returning products
- Automatic or manual check for expired products, products below a specified quantity or products below minumum stock
- Automatic printing of labels for products added to stock
- Automatic procedure for sending or receiving products to / from another pharmacy
- Multiple expiry dates support for each product
- Procedures for stock taking with the use of a portable barcode scanner

Accounting functions

- Full support of accounting operations
- Support for multiple bank accounts and integration with the rest of the software
- Automatic updating of supplier balances, debtor balances and bank accounts
- Supplier, debtor and bank statements for any period of time
- Support of general expenses by category and related reports
- Automatic updating of sales information and sales / profit reports for any given period of time
- End of year
Automatic generation of V.A.T. report


- Statistical reports and charts for sales and profit for any given period of time
- Support for cash or credit sales
- Support of multiple cash registers for the servicing of more than one customers at the same time
- Sales with the use of a barcode scanner
- Full support of the traditional cash register devices
- Printing of sale receipts with full description of the products
- Support of customer display, POS printer (for receipts) and cash drawer
- Full support of barcodes, existing or created and printed by the software


- All products are updated with their barcode information
- The software can create barcodes for products that do not have their own
- Possibility to print barcodes for several products, if desired
- Product searching using its barcode


- Maintenance of customer prescriptions and printing of related reports
- Possibility to locate a product using part of its name (even a few letters) for unreadable hand written prescriptions from doctors
- Automatic execution of tasks that normally take time (calculation of stock value, activity of a given product or supplier, profitability of a given product, expired products report, supplier or debtor balances, and much more)
- Support of an address book for keeping addresses and phone numbers of doctors, patients, partners etc.

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