kappa accounting!


Kappa Accounting is our latest Windows software specially adapted to the needs of a modern retail shop or small to medium company. Its true power is the abilities for customization so as to provide specialized features for service oriented companies (like hardware or software companies, retail oriented shops (like boutiques, jewellery shops, photo processing shops, kiosks) and much more. With its automatic accounting transaction posting, Kappa Accounting is the easiest, most powerful software in the Cyprus market.



- Works under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)
- Execute common tasks with the click of a button
- Easy to learn and use
- Easy access to all tasks using the keyboard or mouse
- Easy and fast retrieval of products, suppliers, invoices, prescriptions, sales, etc.
- Reports for all data existing in the software
- Optional use of a supervisor password to certain key functions of the software so that an employee can use it in the absence of the owner
- MDI interface supported for the execution of more than one tasks in parallel
- Service of many customers simultaneously by opening an unlimited number of cash sales screens


- Maintenance of product categories
- Optional use of colors and sizes (for clothing and related retail shops)
- Support of barcodes
- Printing of barcodes
- Minimum stock support
- Optional use of expiry dates


- Automatically updated from purchase invoices, sales and product returns
- Instant inventory value calculation and related reports
- Warnings for expired products and products below the minimum specified quantity
- Detailed product activity history
- Detailed and summarized product activity reports


- Supplier categories
- Automatic order preparation based on product minimum stock or sales over a given period
- Invoices, payments and credit notes
- Outstanding balances and statements
- Supplier and supplier products activity reports


- Customer categories
- Invoices, payments credit notes
- Outstanding balances reports and financial statement
- Customer agreements on products, product categories, product groups and reminders / automatic setting of discount during invoicing / cash sales
- Outstanding invoices report, collection report, post dated cheques reports, customer agine analysis and more
- Customer activity reports
- Printing of address labels for mass mailing

Customer contracts (optional module)

- Maintenance of customer contracts that are renewed on a yearly basis
- Expiring contracts report


- Expences categories
- Interaction with banks (cash, cheque, or payments through standing orders) and automatic updating of the respective bank account


- Support of multiple bank accounts
- Account statements
- Deposit and post dated cheque reports
- Account reconciliation


- Complete cash register functionality
- Use of barcode scanner, customer display and P.O.S. printer for customer receipts
- Special functionality for sales periods, customer returns, customer points (based on purchases)
- Automatic customer statement generation and printout
- Customer agreements on individual products, group of products, category of products, e.t.c

Cash sales

- Support of multiple cash registers (Point of sales)
- Sales through barcode scanner
- Support of customer display
- Support of P.O.S. printer for customer receipts
- Functionality for customer discount cards
- Functionality for sales and customer special discounts

Accounting functions

- Automatic updating of accounting transactions by the software, when needed
- Manual transaction posting, if and when needed (journal entry)
- No need for transaction posting - everything is performed by the software
- Account statements, Trial balance, P&L, Balance sheet and transaction reports
- Reports can be generated at any time, for any period, without the need of performing backups, transaction posting, e.t.c.