kappa dentist!


Kappa Dentist! is the perfect software solution for dentists and orthodontists, running under Windows, the most popular operating system. Developed by experienced programmers in close cooperation with experienced dentists and orthodontists. Kappa Dentist! is undoubtedly the best software in this area. It's main characteristic is the ease of use and the fast learning curve, even for people who have never used a computer before.



- - Works under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)
- Execution of frequently used tasks with the click of a button or a keyboard shortcut
- Easy to learn and use
- Consistent functionality, throughout the program
- Fast and easy patient lookup, supplier and patient balances, reminders, appointments e.t.c.
- Reports for all date maintained by the software (appointments, visits, financial statements, e.t.c.)
- Multi-user support (more than one people can work with the program on different computers)
- Multiple room/chairs and doctors support
- Daily and weekly appointment views
- Support of American, East European and British tooth numbering system
- English and Greek versions available


- Detailed information for each patient (name, address, telephone numbers, parent information, external doctors, referral, medical history, relations with other patients, balance / last payment information, scheduled and missed appointments, scheduled recalls, and many more)
- Easy access to all of the patient's data from its main form
- Patient lookup using its name, file number, social ID number or home telephone number
- Customer statement showing details of visits, payments and balances for any period
- Support of an unlimited number of charts for each patient.
- Optional orthodontic details page
- Treatment plan page for each patient
- Detailed patient visit history, by date
- Different visit and treatment plan pages for orthodontists
- Warning for patients who have medical problems
- Detailed prescribed medicine for each patient (date, medicine prescribed and dosage)
- Patient images support (multiple images for each patient)
- Slide-show of patient images (useful for orthodontic presentations of before-after treatment images)


- Daily appointments plan for a room / doctor
- Appointments on waiting list support
- Display of appointments with a different color, depending on the state (confirmed, call-back, waiting list, etc)
- Support of holidays and non-working days
- Easy rescheduling of an appointment from one day and time to another
- Detailed daily sheet report for a doctor, a room or two rooms (useful for orthodontists)
- Weekly appointment plan by room
- Support of overbooking (display with a different color of overbooked hours)
- Reminder and easy rescheduling of appointments on the waiting list when cancelling an appointment
- Support of appointment check-in procedure (for keeping track of missed appointments)


- Supplier invoices, payments and balances
- Supplier statements for a given period
- Maintenance of jobs given to technicians (due date, job description, patient e.t.c.)


- Support of multiple bank accounts and reconciliation statements
- Income reports by doctor for any given period
- Automatic updating of supplier, bank and patient transactions and balances
- Outstanding balances and late payments reports for patients
- Expenses maintenance by category

Reports / custom letters

- Custom recall reminder letters (support of mail-merge with Word documents)
- Custom outstanding balance letters (support of mail-merge with Word documents)
- Automatic printing of mailing labels for each letter
- Report of patients with a given number of missed appointments in a given period
- Patient history report
- Customer balances report
- Bank statements and expenses reports for a given period
- Patient / doctor birthday / nameday reports